Why should I blog?

10 Jun

You may be wondering, as am I, why am I succumbing to the “fad” of blogging.  I never thought I would be writing a blog but I have decided that a blog is a great way to keep up with others and allow others to keep up with me.  I have a great love for my ancestry and would like to share the things that I have learned about them and from them.  I hope you will bear with my inexperience while I learn the skills necessary to make this blog enlightening and entertaining.

I am not your typical genealogist, searching for names and dates,  I want to know the story of my ancestors lives.  Where they lived, how they lived, and even the “skeletons in their closets”.  I know that my ancestors were wonderful people with rich lives full of happiness, sadness, tragedies and triumphs.  With this blog I hope to be able to share their stories with you. If you have any additional information about the people whose stories I will be sharing I would love to hear it.



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